Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College, Pauri-Garhwal

(An Autonomous College Of Government of Uttarakhand)

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Deans/Officer Bearers


1.Dr. Y. SinghDean
2.Dr. Ashutosh Gupta Chief Wardenashuaec72@yahoo.com9412500990
3.Dr. Sanjeev NaithaniDean Academicsnaithani.iitk@gmail.com9410563544
4.Dr. S.K. SoniDean Student Welfaresanjoo.ksoni@gmail.com7060915756
5.Dr. M.P.S. ChauhanEstate
6.Dr. Sanjeev NaithaniProctornaithani.iitk@gmail.com9410563544


1Dr. H. GoelOiC Horticulture & Solid Waste
2.Dr. V.M. Mishra, Dr. S.K. VermaOiC,
3.Dr. Ashish NegiOiC Library & Office Software
4.Dr. A K GautamOiC Time
5.Dr. S.K. SoniOic T&Psanjoo.ksoni@gmail.com7060915756
6.Dr. Priti DimriOiC Student Cultural Activities &
7.Dr. M.P.S. ChauhanOiC Civil Maintenance & Water
8.Dr. M.K. Panda, Dr. Bhola JhaOiC,, 9634021345
9.Dr. Sanjeev NaithaniOiC Securitynaithani.iitk@gmail.com9410563544
10.Mr. M. K. Agrawal, Mr. Shishir SarkarOiC
11.Dr. Yatiendra KumarOiC Communication & Guest Housekyatindra
12.Dr. H S. BhadauriaOiC Internet &
13.Mr. K. D. NarayanOiC Community
14.Mr. S.S. RawatOiC Sports & NSS, satya.firststep@gmail.com9410702431
15.Mr. Piyush SrivastavaOiC Transport
16.Mr. Ajit Singh NegiOiC NSS Unit-II