HgsDb: Haplogroups Database to Understand Migration and Molecular Risk Assessment
Migration:- Haplogroups characterize the early migrations of specific population groups and, therefore, can potentially be used to connect your distant ancestry with a particular geographical region. Haplogroups are assigned letters of the alphabet, and refinements consist of additional number and letter combinations. In addition, genetic variation or polymorphisms a mong hgs have also been linked to several multi - factorial diseases as risk factors in human but some of them are identified as protective factors although some of their conclusions have been questioned. Functional variants in any infection response and resistance could be identified by an mtDNA and Y chromosome major haplogroup analysis. A migration has an evolutionary impact (gene flow) on the sink population only if newcomers contribute to the gene pool of the subsequent generations (i.e., reproduce within the sink population). Gene flow is a factor that prevents genetic differentiation between populations.

The major branches of the tree were usually restricted geographically, some to sub-Saharan Africans, others to East Asians and yet others to Europeans and Near Easterners
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