HgsDb: Haplogroups Database to Understand Migration and Molecular Risk Assessment
Disease Associated with Y-Chromosomal Haplogroups
Y DNA HgsCountryDiseaseReference Cited
AZFcChinease Populationspermatogenesis impairment18579508
AZFcChinese Han populationspermatogenic failure18156437
AZFa, AZFb and AZFcDanish populationReduced sperm counts11555623
AZFcNorth ItalyTesticular cancer17682003
DFNY1South-Western Han ChineseHearing Impairment23352258
EItalianAzoospermia factor C microdeletion17158590
E1b1b1cEuropean and Ashkenazi JewishProstate cancer22271044
I1a*, R1a1, N3 K* P* R1a*, R1b3, I1cSwedenProstate Cancer18927315
D/E-YAP, O-M175, O-SRY, O-M122Korean PopulationProstate Cancer17245448
ISouth-Western Han ChineseHIV progression19169712
O-M175KoreansImplications for the dual origins14505036
M7 and BSouth-Western Han ChineseAcute Mountain Sickness21385625
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