Student Activities


To support student initiatives which foster a viable and visibly active campus environment in which students can maximize and enhance their college experience through a variety of campus activities. We are dedicated to student success through student participation.

The "Student Committee, GBPEC" comes to existence from efforts of the entire GBPEC family. There was a dire need of a student activities cell to make everyone in the college aware of latest technical,cultural and social developments around the world. In recent times, it is often seen that people in technical field forget that literary and cultural side also exists in them. So "Student Committee, GBPEC" makes every possible effort to bring out theses talents from the studenst of GBPEC and present it before the world.

As the college is going through a transition period and efforts are being made by everyone to take college to the next level of sophistication and intellect, this committeel provides the student with exposure and a platform to show their skills in various technical,literary and cultural.


  • The "Student Committee, GBPEC" will provide opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills that will empower students to become successful leaders at GBPEC .
  • Committee strive to create an environment that fosters respect, values all individuals, appreciates diversity, and celebrates the contributions of all.
  • The committee, in conjunction with other professionals and our student leaders, will offer students opportunities in leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, as well as build a forum for the cultural, educational, and social involvement of all students.
  • Through their participation in events and organizations supported by the office, students will communicate a sense of community and demonstrate a level of satisfaction and pride in being affiliated with GBPEC.